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Mink hair is a Marketing tools

Posted on 2018-02-28

From  one year ago we get asked about Mink hair, we feel fresh by the name at the beginning but we didn’t care much about this. Later more and more customer asked if we offer mink hair especially recently there has been a craze for mink hair, everyone is asking about it. But I know most people don’t know what does mink hair means. 

We did a Google search for “Mink” and this was the result.

Apparently Mink is one kinds of animals! So “Mink hair” should be mean mink’s hair?

How does Mink looks like?  And how does its hair looks like?

We searched some picture of mink from the Internet and we get to know there are many different mink, different in types, colors, etc. 

Yes it’s true there is mink animals with black hair but I can’t even find any picture mink with that long hair for human to wear.  So how can there be mink hair from 8”~30”? That’s really a joke. After all these search we only got realized Mink hair is just a marketing tools. 

Is Mink hair exist?

The answer is yes.

But this hair does not use as hair extensions material. Look at the mink’s hair length how can you wear in your head. Actually mink hair is used to make clothes mostly and also the mink lashes.

Mink Hair Truth

When you search “Mink hair” on Internet  many hair company website will show up on the page. Many seller already know people’s craze for “mink hair” so they find a way to tag the hair as mink hair but acturally it may be just the same hair which they used to call it as “Brazilian”,”peruvian”,”malaysian” ,etc. When you ask the question “ what make mink hair different from other hair?”  They may answer “mink hair bleachs and colors very well, the bundles are full and no shedding, the hair cuticle run in same direction.” Well if that’s the special about mink hair then we should say all our Virgin Hair are mink hair. 

We really don’t know what  everyone got excited about,  Is that a name such as Brazilian Mink Hair,Peruvian Mink Hair, Malaysian Mink Hair make people feel fresh? and many hair companies are just running with it by tag “mink hair”.

Can you blame them?

Marketing advertisement is a significant tools for hair extensions,  The “mink” marketing tools is similar to how many seller give hair extensions a number grade like 8A,9A, 10A and so on. If you know the truth about hair grade you will also know this game. If you don’t have your own recognize about hair and just follow people’s craze you can blame on no-one. You should focus on just finding great hair extensions instead of something call “mink”.

When there is no true definition for “Mink hair” we would just call virgin hair .

Virgin hair is virgin hair, remy hair is just remy hair.