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Is double drawn hair always more expensive than single drawn hair?

Posted on 2017-11-15

I have do a lot research about people’s understanding on single drawn and double drawn hair before I decide to talk more about this topic. I asked my customer if they know the difference between single drawn and double drawn hair, I saw the youtube reviews, I asked many factory manufacturer’s opinion, as a result they all can tell basic point of the difference but not comprehensive enough. I found people have wrong knowledge about single drawn and double drawn when it come to the price difference, most people maybe including you who is just browsing my article have the point that double drawn hair is more expensive than single drawn hair. But I have some point different, so let me tell you my point.

  1.What is single drawn and double drawn hair? What’s the difference?   


        Single drawn hair extensions contain multiple lengths of hair, for example in a 20"single drawn hair bundle it may contain14"~20"different length hair. Double drawn hair extensions hair are the same length or the majority of the hair are just about the same length. So apparently the first difference is the thickness, double drawn hair is almost the same thickness from top to the bottom while single drawn hair become thinnest at the end. 

2. How do we get single drawn hair and double drawn hair?

Single drawn hair is said to be collected from donor but that does not mean all single drawn hair is virgin hair, Single drawn can also be remy hair because factory can mix proper amount of different length hair to make a certain thickness weft. Most standard hair extensions sell on the market is single drawn hair.

From the definition of double drawn hair we know that as long as the majority of the hair is the same length we call it double drawn hair, so there is 3 methods people can obtain same length hair.

First, the raw hair itself collected from donor are just about the same length.

Second, people cut off some inches hair or trim the end to make the whole bundle about the same length.

Third,people pick out the same length hair strand by strand and then gather the same length hair to make a same length bundle.

We all know most raw hair collected from donor are not the same length so the first method to obtain double drawn hair is less common. A normal human's hair only grows like 4"~5.5" every year so you will know how precious is the hair, if manufacture have to cut off some inches hair to obtain the double drawn hair you can imagine the cost price, so the second method is also unrealistic considering the cost price. So the most viable way would be the third method, by picking out hair strand by strand. In this way hair go through more in the production stage and it result in cost price increase. When I said price increase I don't mean double drawn hair is 100% more expensive than single drawn hair because you have to also take the hair quality into consideration. As far as I know most factory won't use single donor virgin hair to pick out same length hair just to make a double drawn bundle. Why not? Just think about the high price of the real virgin hair, plus the extra work to make a double drawn hair, how much you have to sell to keep the profit. But I'm not saying such hair is not existing it’s just the price will be very high. If you tell me you got your virgin double drawn hair just about the same price as your single drawn hair I bet the double drawn hair is not real virgin. 

Because of above reason most hair manufacturer produce double hair with remy hair and it will make the double hair just the same price as the virgin hair or even a bit less than the virgin hair

    After the analysis, I will give you some tips or warning when you choose single drawn or double hair.

1.Single drawn hair would be better if you’re going for true virgin hair.

2.The double drawn hair you get from a vendor is like 15%~ 20% more expensive then their single drawn virign hair, remember the compare is always between the same vendor.

3.If you have to use the true virgin double drawn hair, you can buy the single drawn hair and cut off some inches, cut off 4"of single drawn hair from Elesis Virgin Hair you’ll get perfect double drawn true virgin hair. 

Above is our point of view, if there is any aspect you don’t agree, welcome to contact us for more communication, thank you.