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Truth about hair Grade

Posted on 2016-11-07

As a supplier we were asked many question by customer, they think by ask question they can tell what quality hair the vendor provide. One of the frequently asked question is "what grade is your hair?" When I hear this question I know they are all scammed before. Until now I’m still afraid of customer asking me the question“what grade is your hair?”The questions seems simple but not the answer. Let's talk about hair Grade.
    With years' experienced in communicating with customer,I have noticed that over 90% customers especially retail customer always compare hair quality by the Grade of the hair when they choosing a Vendor. When a customer inquire about hair price they will always ask first question "what are you wholesale price?" Well as you know Elesis Virgin hair carry high quality hair so our wholesale price might be a bit high for some customer and their next question will be"what grade is your hair?"Thought I don't really want to answer such question but I have to reply"9a". As time went by I can already predict their react to my anwser. Either"Your price are too high, Vendor A's 9a Grade hair is much lower" or "Vendor B's 10a Grade hair is lower price than your 9a". I'm alredy tired of repeat the answer"Same Grade can be difference",but some customer just don't understand so that's why I want to clarify it today.They think the higher the grade the better the quality, they might be true when hair extensions were just coming out but it no longer make sense in today’s hair market.Why not today?
   The grading system of hair was made up but I doubt no one can tell the specific difference between different Grade. If anyone tell me she or he knows how to tell, well then I have a question-- What's the standard? Unlike the hotel level it do has its standard to determine the hotel star but not the hair. years and years ago there was only three that he could only get up to 3a of hair, but today I guess you must hear about  grade from 4a to 10a or higher. Wow so many grades no wonder customer will confused lol. What cause this situation? From my opinion, that’s because of their intense competition and high demand of virgin hair. On the one hand, there are more and more hair seller in the market which result in price competition, people will tell you a higher grade to make their price seem competitive, later more and more people higher the grade. On the other hand, unprocessed virgin hair is really value today, real virgin hair is much expensive than other remy hair, but buyers always hope to get best quality with lowest price, in this case many seller risk to claim their hair to be higher Grade and sell in a “low price” so as to attract buyer.
   From what I know, most buyer usually compare offer between different vendor and choose lowest price and highest grade. I have to emphasize again compare hair Grade between different vendor doesn't make any sense, sometimes you might be tricked by hair Grade.There is not any industrial standard for the hair Grade, neither there is same standard by each hair company to check the hair quality by Grade.For ex, some company only offer remy hair or other mixed hair, they could also call their high quality hair as Grade 8a,9a,10a… but of course it is still not virgin hair. In this way People tell you the same hair but on a higher price.You might get totally different quality hair from different vendor even they claim as same Grade. It’s only a name for many professional hair distributor. We name our hair as 9a. One of our customer even lower my hair grade, she claim as 7a when she sell it to her client lol.To be honest, the reason we still claim Elesis Virgin hair as 9a Grade is because most customer have already used to this grade system, people are still confused by hair grade.To be clear you need to ask more question, such as “what kind of quality is your 7a,8a,9a Grade hair?” " What’s the difference between your 7a,8a,9a Grade hair? “Whatever grade is the hair? All seller should have a describe about their 7a, 8a or 9a hair instead of just tell the grade.Let me tell you what is Elesis Virgin hair 9a hair. We determind our highest quality hair as 9a, the hair is made from raw hair collected from one donor, 100% virgin hair cuticle run in same direction and intact, can be permed,bleached,colored.We do make customized 7a,8a Grade for wholesale customer, if you are interested in our 7a,8a Grade we'll be glad to answer your question, Contact us

    To be summary, you can’t compare hair quality by Grade between different vendor.We hope someday there will be a industrial standard in hair grade system. I'm not sue if you can understand my word, maybe you can listen to this lady's opinion, I agree with her 

   Then how can we compared hair quality between different vendor? I’ll find a time to tell you later. Thanks for reading my blog!