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Special skills with long hair

Posted on 2017-05-18

In Shangdong province of China, there is a lady who is 62 years old and she have never cut her hair since 29 years ago and now her hair is up to more than 3 meters which means 120 inches. Can you image how long is her hair? Funny her hair is even older than me.She decide to keep hair as long as possible because of a saying in China.

Here in China boys tend to think we girls are long-haired but short-signted. Since 1988 the lady has always heard the points like that. The lady have the thinking of keep long hair to disprove with those point. We girls can also be wise with long hair. In the same time she keep learning more in different subject.She learn about calligraphy,seal cutting, drawing. she's able to write with 2 hands at the same time.She have got many awards in different subjects.

Long hair good looking but not easy to take care. Everytime she have to take 2 hours to dry the hair after washing. To keep the hair clean, she'll use gawze to wrap the hair.The long hair is not easy to brush, her husband make her a special dresser so she can stand on the 1 meter high table to comb her hair.

She can even pull a car with her long hair.Once there was a businessman who want to pay her $3000 for her long hair but she don't want to sell.

You see for 29 years the lady just keep 120 inches which means the hair just grow like 4 inches a year.The reason I share this story is I want people know how precious is virgin hair. Never say the virgin hair is expensive becasue it worth the value.