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The Global Lace Product Shortage

Posted on 2020-09-22

Hair lovers may have recently heard from your supplier that lace products are out of stock. You may be looking for new suppliers and just to findout many of them are also suffer from lace product shortage.

How did we get to the point where we’re having a global lace shortage?

Well this started with the COVID-19.The epidemic has affected many industries and daily life, with the lace product industry particularly affected. Although China is the largest exporter of extensions, but many buyers may not know that the lace product is actually produced in north Korea, because the 100% hand-tied lace product make it a lot of labor and time cost. China borders with North Korea and there the labor fee is cheaper,  in the past few decades people already set up factory there to produce lace product, so low cost price product can be provided. Since the outbreakof COVID-19, every country has taken timely measures to stop the spread of the Virus. North Korea lockdown to minimise exposure to workers to prevent the further spreading of the virus. Since the isolation, we are unable to send raw materials for production. No more new product come in and Our stocks runing out day by day.

Your concern: How long will the shortage last? When can we expect regular supply?

We are also looking forward to the North Korea country open their border earlier, however it will depends on the global epidemic control. I would predict that it will be more than six to eight months. 

But we can not just count on the border open day. we must find a way to supply the present shortage. Now many factories are looking for processing factories in China to produce lace products. However, it takes a lot of time to complete a 100% hand-tied lace product.

Why the lace product price going up ?

Guess how long it will take to finish a 4x4 lace closure
Would you say 1 hour?

 May be 5hours?
 Acturally it will take an experienced worker about 20 hours to hand-tie the hair strand by strand to the lace to create a 4 x4 closure, and the time cost  are simply just for the smaller products. Can you imagine how much time it would take to create a larger size lace like 7x7closure, 13x6 frontal and even the full lace wig? If it was produce in western countries, how much it will cost? You can estimate according to your local labor fee. Let’s say $10 an hour, the labor cost ffor 20hours is $200, will you pay so much for a 4 x4 laceclosure? I guess not and  most people can't afford.  Labor fee in China is much cheaper, the minimum wage in China is about 18 yuan($2.5) per hour, an experienced hand-tied worker can create a 4x4 lace closure at $50, but compared to the cheaper labor in North Korea, many people still feel the price has gone up too much.

Suggestion: what to do without closure/frontal?

The shortage also includes HD, transparent, and premium quality lace used for lace frontal wigs, full lace wigs, frontals, and closures. If you are a frontal lover, make sure you treat your lace with extra care, try to avoid over-manipulating and over gluing them. We now only rely on the China local factory production. At present, the production price of large lace in China will be relatively high, so I suggest you to use small lace such as 2x6, 4x4, 5x5 lace closure during this period. Now the full lace products is selling at very high price,I suggest you use other substitutes like the customize wig with closure/frontal, the U-part wig. Recently there is a popular wig style, the headband wigs. It’s a full machine-make wig without frontals or closure, the frontal is cover with the band so the perimeter still looks good even without the lace product.


What Closure/Frontal we have stock?

I know people are concern about our stock, our ability to provide you guys product. To be honest, the stock is changing every day. Some new lace come and may running out in a few days. I believe other vendor are also in the same situation. So if you are ready to place your order do not hesitate to take it because it may be sold out in next second. Welcome to inquire us before you make any order with lace product, we'll still serve you with high quality and high customer service, thanks for your long time support.