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Choose virgin hair or not?

Posted on 2017-07-25

According to material, hair is divided into 2 kinds including human hair and synthetic hair. Many people use synthetic hair when they braid their hair or for certain occasion because of its low cost. Human hair is also divided into various kinds including virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair. Virgin hair is the most expensive and best quality human hair.

If you want the hair looks real just like your hair, you have to choose human hair. However, hair looks natural is no longer people’s only request. For many demands we have to choose the highest quality hair- virgin hair.

1. when you expect your hair last for more than one year

Non-remy hair maybe get mat or tangle after 3months’ use while remy hair can last for at least 6months, and virgin hair is the best quality hair which should be last for more than one year. of course it can be used longer if you take care very well. We Elesis Virgin Hair have customer use our hair for more than 2years. It really depends on how your take care your hair. If your hair is just for one special occasion and you won’t be wear often, to save money you can choose the non-remy hair which cost lower price; when you plan to change your hair within half year you don’t need to pay for that expensive hair, remy hair is your best choice. You have better choose virgin hair if you expect more than one year use and re-sewin your hair although it's kind of expensive. Good product with long time last deserve good price.

2.when you want to restyle your hair frequently

An adult’s hair diameter is about 50~100 microns so the hair is very fragile especially the non-remy and remy hair. Non-remy hair is processed with acid while remy hair is aligned with machine so the hair root is turn to easy to be broken if you apply any heat or force. Only 100% pure virgin hair which is unprocessed can be restyled with minimum damage to the hair. If the virgin hair you buy turn to be shedding or broken badly after you apply heat, I think you should doubt if your hair is real virgin. 

3.when you want to bleach and color your hair

As we just mentioned different people’s hair diameter is different from 50~100 microns. And we known that one certain bundle hair except virgin hair is from different people’s head which means the diameter is different, in other words, the strand quality has something different, when you process the whole bundle the same time and use same developer bleach power some hair strand maybe overprocessed while some strand is not, so in this way when you expect to bleach the whole bundle to as light color as possible some hair strand maybe overprocessed and cause shedding finally. Many people also find their hair can’t be processed to light color or even can’t lift at all. It may because their hair is actually not pure virgin hair. Maybe remy or mix virgin hair. Picture on the left is from a youtuber’s video she processed the hair with 40developer for 30 miniutes and it became the pinky color, apparently her hair is not virgin hair. picture on the right is our pure virgin hair, our customer did the whole bleached process and as you can see our hair can be processed to very light color, it also take color well. One more tip, you should ask your vendor to send you color #2 hair if you plan to bleach your hair because it’s easier to get light color when you choose color #2 virgin hair.


                   mix hair after bleached                                                   virgin hair after bleached

        If you don’t know how to choose your hair please feel free to contact us by email or leave a message for us, we’ll pick up your bundles depends on your demand for the hair.